Segerstom Center for the Arts

“Jacque Nunez has been on the From the Center’s roster for 5 years performing her ‘Journeys to the Past’ educational school assembly to children throughout Orange and the surrounding counties. As a result of Jacque’s exceptional program, she is one of our most requested performer on a roster consisting of 53 performing artists”

Barbara Halford / Program Director

Meadow Park School | Irvine, CA

“Once again, your extraordinary program on our local Native Americans has enhanced and expanded upon our Social Studies lessons, while thoroughly engaging and entertaining our third graders. Your authentic apparel, artifacts, songs and storeis add a wealth of information and dimension to our program. As you guide our youngsters through the ‘Journeys to the Past’, you bring the past alive and make it relevant to our lives today.”

Third Grade Staff / Meadow Park School

Orange County Department of Education

“You are such a wonderful group of individuals; always ready for the challenges; seldom saying “no” to a request; and forever giving of your time and talents. That was how I saw you this year, as you so graciously did your part in making the 24th Annual Very Special Arts Festival a huge success. I have heard many say that it was the best ever, and I know for certain that you gave your best to make it a great day for the participants and guests.”

Phyllis Berenbeim / Coordinator of Visual & Performing Arts

Quail Botanical Gardens

“As a teacher for over 34 years, I can highly recommend Jacque Nunez. Her pedagogical techniques are impeccable, and her demeanor exudes enthusiasm for what she teaches. She makes Native American culture intersting and exciting, not just for the children, but for the adults as well.”

Robert Kopfstein / Chairperson, Education Committee

Southern California Indian Center

“The education Componet of the Southern California Indian Center would like to express their gratitude to you for providing your storytelling and craft talents to our guests during the 32nd Annual S.C.I.C. Pow-Wow. We were honored to have you participate at the Intertribal Children’s Circle. We felt this year’s Intertribal Children’s Circle was the most successful of all, thanks to your talents and contributions.”

Phillip Hale

American Indian Studies
Californa State University, Long Beach

“I am honored to write on behalf of Jacque Nunez, an extraordinary and gifted woman. Jacque’s cultural presentations throughout California are of prime importance in understanding the legendary, historical, and cultural contributions of her people and of all California Indian Peoples. Without Culture Bearers like Jacque, people would not know about California Indian cultures and history.”

Georgiana Valoyce Sanchez

Kinoshita Elementary

“On November 5th Mrs. Nuñez and her associates presented an assembly to the students of San Juan Elementary School. This assembly was, by far, one of the finest assemblies I have seen.The assembly provided students with an understanding of the contributions of Native Americans as a whole and the Juaneño tribe of Orange County specifically. The presentation was academically sound, content rich, and culturally sensitive.”

Meg Desmarais / 4th Grade Teacher

Mission Statement

Our goal is to educate and enlighten others to our precious culture while encourageing them to capture their own heritage.
People learn with all senses and our programs celebrate everyone’s diversity and gifts.

Let Journeys to the Past touch your life!