Journey’s To The Past is a Native American, family-owned, company that teaches from their heart that every culture is important and should be celebrated. We hope it ignites others to discover their own!

Our unique programs take students on a journey into the lifestyle of the California Indian, in particular the Acjachemen Nation, which flourished in Southern California hundreds of years before the Spanish influx.

Jacque Nunez shares through stories and songs her people's indigenous tools, instruments, games and clothing. She includes how American Indians preserve their culture today by participating in Intertribal Pow wows. The children learn through participating in activities an understanding of "environmentalism" and what it means to be "keepers of the earth."

Our Mission

"To engage, enlighten, and educate our community about our Acjachemen culture and inspire a spark of desire to learn about their family heritage too!

The Turtle Story, a Native American Account of Earthquakes

Journeys To The Past: Dance

Segerstrom Center for the Arts