Department Of Parks and Recreation

April 8, 2019
Cryssie Moreno
State Park Interpreter I
"Jacque has not only been involved in our education and outreach but has been instrumental in all of these programs within our community. Jacque presents a program for our local elementary school students and shares with them a very touching message, stories and songs about our local Native American history. To see the students eyes light up as they listen attentively to Jacque is something very special to witness. She is also the main announcer for our yearly Native American gathering of protection and preservation. Jacque is truly an artist in her work as a Native American educator and storyteller."

San Bernardino City Unified School District

September 13, 2018
Cindra Reaume Weber
Title VI Indian Education Coordinator
"I've had the privilege to work with Jacque Tahuka Nunez for the past 25 years in many different areas. She has been an educator for 40 years and is highly acknowledged for her work in many different awards. Recently, in 2018, she was inducted as one of the International Educator's Hall of Fame in Sacramento. This award is recognized by the Library of Congress."

Four Creeks Elementary

October 19, 2016

Stacey Chicoine
Assistant Principal
"One of our teachers is taking to heart your idea about the importance of stories from our families. She has challenged the students to find five stories about their family they do not know about their family and to record them. This will be a very meaningful for our students."

Visalia Unified School District

October 19, 2016
Maria Gutierrez
American Indian Program Leader
"As the Program Leader for the Title VII American Indian Program we are constantly attempting to enrich our students’ education while integrating understanding of our local tribes in the Central Valley. For the past five years, we have contracted award winning Master Storyteller, and Educator of the Year for the Indian Education State Conference 2009, Jacque Tahuka Nunez, to tour thirteen schools, sharing her well received program called, Journeys to the Past. Her program not only teaches the lifestyle of her Southern California tribe but teaches respect of all diverse cultures and planting a seed with all children to examine their own unique family treasures."

Chapman University

November 10, 2014
Paul Apodaca, Ph.D.
Associate Professor American Studies
"Her work with schools is of great importance as the programming for American Indian instruction is very limited in the curricula and in need of participatory experiences for students. Conveying the humanity of native people through personal contact that develops positive role modeling for non-native and native students alike is an important aspect of her refined method. She is a serious educator and cultural broker."

Cerritos Center For The Performing Arts

November 10, 2014
Helene Trudeau
Executive Director
"Jacque Nunez is uniquely qualified to promote Native American cultures. She is herself a ninth-generation Rios (the name given to the Acjachemen by the Spanish) whose ancestors helped build the Mission at San Juan Capistrano. She was a teach for any years and her classroom management skills transpire in her ability, as a storyteller, to engage audiences."

University of California, Irvine

Nikishna Polequaptewa, M.S. Director
American Indian Resource Program
"Jacque Nunez was selected through a national search by PBS to represent American Indian storytellers because of her outstanding ability to capture the attention of everyone that she comes into contact with. Jacque is also frequently featured in newspaper and magazine publications such as the Orange County Register, Los Angeles Times, Press-Enterprise, OC Metro, in addition to her own tribal publications. The ability to be featured in these prestigious publications is a testament to her unique qualities to inspire people because there are thousands of other articles that are rejected each day due to the population density in Southern California."

California Department Of Education

Jane Holzmann, Consultant &
Dorothy Martinez-K, Consultant
American Indian Education Office
"[Jacque's] ability to capture and hold attention of the children was impressive. Young children are a difficult audience to play to. [She] was able to engage all of us in songs, games, and thinking that drew the audiene into full participation with you in the Journey."